REVIEW: Shinington Farm by Toys of Wood Oxford

This is a toy that really stimulates the imagination and goes well beyond being just a construction kit. With 223 pieces in all, there’s plenty to keep your young one happily occupied for plenty of time – and it’s a toy they will return to over and over again. There are 172 interlocking beech wood logs, 27 colourful wooden farm life essential accessories and livestock plus 24 pieces of farm ground plan (87x65cm) jigsaw puzzle – I love this element of the toy, which gives an added dimension, and a good starting point. The pieces are well made and seem very durable; like all wooden toys, this won’t date and can be passed down from one child to another – or even one generation to another. It’s really high quality and the painting is very good. With so many pieces, children’s imaginations have plenty of scope to draw and design their very own farm. There are clear instructions to start children off, perfect for younger ones. They may like to incorporate existing farm animal sets too. As well as the logs, the set includes livestock, trees, flowers, vehicles and people.

Younger children will probably need some help (recommended age is 3+), but older ones will play happily on their own, making this a product with longevity. The wood logs have interlocking grooves, and they can be reused as many times as your child wants to recreate their farm, whether it’s one big farmhouse or a range of farm buildings. The flexibility makes this a superb way to encourage imaginative play; manual dexterity is enhanced by the kit and there’s enough here for siblings or friends to work together, encouraging discussion as they plan their farm. An impressive set, unusual and with lasting play and educational value. The finished creation gives children a real sense of achievement and, unlike many construction kits, there’s plenty of play value once a model is created. An exceptional toy.

All wooden toys by Toys of Wood Oxford are tested by the seller’s own or friends’ children. This set is safe and environmentally friendly, being made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly non-toxic paints; these are things we should all be looking out for when purchasing toys. It conforms to EN71 and CPSA Standard and tested and certified by International Accredited Labs.

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