REVIEW: Shark Bite from Drumond Park

Drumond Park can always be relied on to bring us fun and innovative games that bring the whole family together and their latest release is no exception. There’s no lengthy hanging around while the game is set up (there are stickers to be attached) and the rules explained – the game is quick to set up (just set the mechanical shark’s mouth to fully open and place the 12 pieces of yummy Fish Food into the holes within the gaping jaws) and the rules and objective very simple – can you save your catch before that big old shark snaps his jaws closed?

When it’s your turn, a roll of the dice determines how many fish you have to catch, and using your fishing rod, it’s time to rescue the fish from the shark. If you drop your fish, keep dipping your rod in, until you hook the fish the whole way out of the shark’s mouth. But watch out…the shark can snap his jaws shut at any moment and then you lose all of your catch! There’s just the right amount of tension for young players to enjoy – the game is suitable for ages 4+. Play continues round the table until there are no fish left inside the shark’s mouth. It’s a game that will be played over and over again and it’s simplicity makes it eminently for children to play without adult supervision. Buy it here:

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