REVIEW: Scooti Lights

Scooters are an increasingly popular means of transport and many children use them to travel to school. The long dark winter evenings can be a concern – but not if you have Scooti Lights. Shaped like ladybugs and extremely easy to fit, Scooti Lights are a fun, simple way to make scooters safe in the dark. Available in 4 bright fun colours (blue, green, pink and red), Scooti Lights can be seen from 500 meters away – a safety essential when crossing the street after dusk.


In each box there is a white LED forward facing light. And with a stretchy loop which fits any sized bar it’ll only take a few seconds to make sure your child’s scooter is safe and seen whenever you go out. See the whole range and buy yours from Buggi Lights. A super practical safety idea and so attractive too – I love the look of them.

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