REVIEW: Scooterearz Scooter Hand Mitts & Scooter Bagz

Scooterearz are clever hand mitts for children’s scooters. During the winter the children still want to ride their scooters when we go out for walks but they do find that wearing gloves just doesn’t give them the same grip as they would have without them, but when they take their gloves off they complain that their hands are too cold! Scooterearz will fit almost any scooter; they are easily pulled over each handlebar and held in place with elastic ends, at the other end the mitts are open with velcro fastenings which allow your child to quickly slide their hands in and out of the mitt. They keep hands warm with their furry lining as well as being wind and waterproof. We have been using these on the cold days and it certainly makes getting out of the door quicker as there is no hunting around for gloves and the children are much happier being able to grip the handlebars properly. Scooterearz Hand Mitts come in a range of colours and designs which you can find on their website.

To compliment the Scooterearz Hand Mitts we have been using scooter Bagz which also come in a range of designs. They attach to your child’s scooter with velcro and are perfect for carrying drinks, snacks or pocket money around in, I love these as it means that I don’t have to carry all their stuff! The zip opening is on top of the bag so the contents can be accessed quickly and the velcro fastenings make them really simple to put on and remove from the scooter; they are waterproof and wipe-clean as well as having backpack style straps on the back so they can be used when they are not attached to a scooter. Bagz can be found here from Scooterearz website.

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