REVIEW: Science Wiz: Inventions

This kit is a practical combination of a 40 page full-colour book along with the parts necessary to build a spinning motor, a clicking telegraph, a light flashing generator and a real radio. It is one in an excellent and extensive set of Science Wiz kits, the result of years of testing with children. Step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead young scientists successfully through each invention and as they work through, they will gain a good understanding of the science behind the projects. The visual nature of the instructions is excellent as children can work on their own, and even less fluent readers can enjoy the projects. This is complemented by excellent illustrations which present key scientific concepts in a way that shows children why and how things work – it’s hands-on science at its best. The kit offers a really good opportunity for children to extend their learning and it’s great to have all the components so neatly packaged – you just need to add some simply obtained household objects. The use of everyday materials demystifies the way common electronic components work. An excellent kit with plenty of options to explore to enhance learning and engender a real interest. See more on the Science Wiz website.

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