REVIEW: Science Wiz – Energy Kit

This educational and fun energy kit includes 22 fascinating activities that will help children understand the relevant parts of the Science Curriculum – great to support school learning and for home educators. Home educators will really appreciate the fact that everything is in this one neat package (or will be easily obtained), ensuring their child has a really valuable resource.

Energy is high on the agenda, so it’s important children understand the implications and what might happen in the future – this will help them enormously.. They will discover what energy is, how we make it today and what choices await us in the future. The 22 activities include Build a solar racer; Launch a supercapacitor car; Make an electric car; Spin a flywheel generator; Build a battery to light an LED;  Do a kinetic chain reaction; Store potential energy on your head; Discover how solar cells work and Focus the sun’s energy with lenses. This is an exceptionally good range of activities – and the kit provides what you need to try them out. It’s all great fun to do, and parents will enjoy working with children on this. This is a straightforward way for children to learn about energy with excellent highly visual instructions and explanations that will give them an enthusiasm for the subject.

With its attractive box and integral illustrated instruction booklet, this makes a great gift for 8 year olds upwards. There are lots more superb Science Wiz packs to enjoy too. To support these excellent packs, Science Wiz have produced a fabulous range of supporting activities which are all available on their website. These are superb for helping children to really understand the concepts through hands-on ideas, they are well designed and easy to understand, so do take a look. To give you an idea of just some of the supporting activities for energy, see the image below. I highly recommend this kit to support learning and really enthuse children.

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