REVIEW: Science Wiz: Electricity by Penny Norman

This fun electricity kit includes 18 fascinating activities that will help children understand the relevant parts of the National Curriculum – great to support school learning and for home educators.

The set includes a motor, buzzer, test leads, LED, pinwheels, crocodile clips and much more. All you need to add is a D-cell battery and some easily obtained household items. Children are introduced to the concept of a loop, and the various activities build on this; they include building circuit loops, sending coded messages, conductivity, lighting bulbs and connecting batteries and buzzers.

A straightforward way for children to learn about electricity with excellent highly visual instructions and explanations that will give them an enthusiasm for the subject. With its attractive box and integral illustrated instruction booklet, this makes a great gift for 6 to 10 year olds. There are lots more superb Science Wiz packs to enjoy too.

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