REVIEW: Science Wiz: Cool Circuits Puzzle

The objective is to solve each challenge – there are 40 in all – by completing the circuit to light up the board. The kit includes a light-up game board, eight 3D fluorescent circuit pieces, a pack of 40 puzzle cards and an instruction/solution book. It’s well made and all neatly slots together, with the puzzle cards stored in a drawer under the puzzle board. There are 40 puzzle challenges of increasing difficulty (recommended age is 8+) – tutorial, beginner, student and advanced. Be warned – the advanced are a real challenge and may well have some adults puzzled! To play, put down a puzzle card and solve the challenge shown on the card by making a loop; the circuit pieces fit firmly into the guide posts on the board, giving a satisfying feel. All the conditions on the card must be satisfied and the green channels must be covered with puzzle pieces; the joining positions are also shown. Once the pieces are correctly positioned, watch the board light up as well as listen to the tunes (you can opt not to have these if you prefer). It’s an excellent way to support KS2 learning about circuits and the practical hands-on approach will ensure learning is memorable; it helps to develop spatial reasoning and abstract thinking. A super puzzle which children will keep returning to as they advance through the stages.

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