REVIEW: Science Scramble – Physics from Oaka Books

Oaka Books bring us another educational board game, with a focus on physics and aimed at key stage 3. Inside the box you get: 1 playing board, 45 physics cards, 126 question and answer cards, 21 blank cards, 63 comet cards, 2 dice, 1 pack of merit currency and an instructions sheet. The aim of the game is to collect 6 physics cards and to head back to earth, collecting merits as you go.

To play: One person will need to be the ‘Head Physicist’ who will be in charge of the merits, to pay bonuses, to collect penalties and to hand the physics cards to the players. This person can choose if they play the game or not. Each player starts at the Head Astronaut and the person who rolls the highest number on the dice goes first, you must then head to Earth where you will be given your 6 physics cards. On the way to Earth you will land on various spaces such as comet spaces, which will either give you a reward or a penalty or question spaces where you will need to answer a question correctly before you can continue around the board. Once you reach Earth you will be given your 6 physics cards which you will then need to find on the board, as fast as possible; each time you find a card you will earn merit points and these tend to be of a higher value the further away from Earth that they are.

Once you have collected all of your cards you will need to head back to Earth once more, the play stops when the first person has returned back to Earth after finding all of their cards…but this won’t necessarily be the winner! At this point in the game, every player adds up their cards and the winner is the person who has collected the most merit points.

Board games are a fantastic way to reinforce learning in an exciting way and the Science Scramble – Physics game certainly delivers with this fun and engaging game. The blank question cards are a great idea if there are areas of the subject that you feel need more of a focus on and the physics cards give you both the name of what you need to find, as well as a description of it which also acts as a revision reminder. The comet cards add to the game play as they give an extra factor of competitiveness and we really like the fact that the winner isn’t the person who gets back to Earth first as it gives the game an element of suspense before you find out who has won!

Highly recommended as a revision tool and a learning aid and the Science Scramble games are also available for Biology, Chemistry and Geography. This game retails at £29.98 and you can purchase directly from the Oaka website here.

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