REVIEW: Science Scramble Game – Chemistry from Oaka Books

Science Scramble – Chemistry from Oaka Books is an educational science game aimed at key stage 3. Inside the box you get: a game board, 3 sets of merit cards (20, 10 and 5), a pack of question cards, a pack of atom cards, a pack of equipment cards, 4 player counters, 2 dice and some instructions. The object of the game is to collect 6 pieces of equipment that you need for your experiment and to get to the Chemistry Lab, collecting merits as you go.

To play: You need to appoint a Head Chemist (this person can choose to play or not), their job is to control the merits and equipment cards, to pay bonuses and collect penalties and to give equipment cards out. The person who rolls the highest number on the dice can go first, everyone starts in the Classroom and you need to get to the Chemistry Lab to collect your equipment cards from the Head Chemist. Once you have been given these cards, you will need to find those pieces of equipment on the board as fast as possible and you will earn a set number of merits once you reach them.

As you go round the board you might land on an atom card, these could either be a penalty (such as paying merits back, missing a go or going to detention) or a reward such as a toilet pass which will let you move anywhere on the board during your turn or helping a friend, which will earn you extra merits. If you land on a question card space then another player will pick up a question card and ask you the question on it, if you don’t get it right then you cannot move around the board – and you cannot move until you get a question correct!

Play stops when the first player collects all 6 pieces of equipment and returns to the Chemistry Lab, at this point all of the merits are added up and the winner is the player with the most merits.

Games are a fantastic way to engage children and this Chemistry game is full of twists and turns, the added competitive element of collecting the most merits, rather than finishing first, adds a fun aspect. There are 126 question cards (answers included) so this game can be played over and over to reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom or at home. It is suitable for up to 4 players and you can buy it directly from the Oaka Books website.

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