REVIEW: Science Mad! Chemistry Lab

Aspiring scientists and those whose interest in chemistry has been triggered by work at school will love this enjoyable learning product which includes an amazing 100 safety tested experiments. Just imagine how hard it would be to go out and buy all the necessary bits and pieces for this! The Chemistry Lab includes both the chemicals and the equipment needed, apart from a few extras which are easily sourced at home. The set includes 19 assorted chemicals in plastic containers with safety caps, and over 20 pieces of equipment including a spirit burner, test tubes, beakers, a conical flask and adjustable safety goggles.

The shaped polystyrene box means everything can be neatly put back into place for the next time. An excellent and comprehensive instruction booklet explains the 100 experiments, and includes pertinent safety advice which is essential reading. Some experiments require further easily obtained chemicals and household items which are listed. There is also good guidance on setting up, carrying out and recording the experiments, which ties in well with NC requirements; children are really encouraged to think about what they are doing.

The experiments are divided into varying types, which makes it easy to find appropriate ones to tie in with school learning; the instructions are clear and the scientific background well explained. With Health and Safety concerns rife, schools are finding it increasingly difficult to offer pupils hands-on science activities, especially at the top end of primary school, so this kit offers an excellent opportunity for parents to fill that gap for their children.

This is a superb set, well thought out, with excellent attention given to safety. It’s ideal to support upper KS2/lower KS3 learning (recommended age is 10+) and the stimulation offered will ensure that children and adults look for opportunities to extend the activities. Highly recommended – a real chemistry set, not a plaything. Home educators will find it a real boon. A far superior chemistry set to most on the market.

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