REVIEW: Schleich Horse Club Collection

Sofia & Blossom

Sofia is very creative and good at design; Blossom loves to be looked after by her while Blossom’s owner Anna is away. You can learn more about Sofia and Blossom and their friends in The Horse Club. This is a good way to encourage children to create stories around the horse and their riders, using the prompts given. In harmony with her name, Blossom has delicately painted purple flowers woven into her mane and tail – it’s these little touches with Schleich toys that are such a delight, as there is always plenty to spot and enjoy. These horse and rider sets are great individually, but the scope for imaginative play is vastly increased by owning several in the set – and that makes an excellent gift idea!

Sarah & Mystery

Each rider has their own individual characters – Sarah is sharp and perceptive and loves to write, often about magic. Perhaps your child could be encouraged by this to write their own stories or perhaps poems about Sarah and Mystery? As with all Schleich figures, these are incredibly detailed – even the underside of the hooves are embossed with horseshoes, and each rider has a delicate horseshoe bracelet. This attention to detail is an excellent learning curve for children, as they see how much is added to quality by paying close attention to the little things. All Schleich figurines are durable and will withstand plenty of handling without showing signs of wear. We also received the Schleich 42118 “Blanket and Headstall Figurine Accessories which can be used with any of the horses. A well-made product in an attractive tartan, plus plastic headstall.

Hannah & Cayenne

Hannah and Cayenne are the adventurous ones. Hannah, with her bright red hair, looks high spirited. As always, these models are hand-painted; again, to an exceptional standard, which really brings out the detail. With each of the horses in the set, the saddle, blanket (each horse has their own colour) and reins can be removed – this really helps with imaginative and role play, as children can carefully bed the horses down for the night, with the help of their riders – and hopefully by using some of the other excellent Horse Club sets such as the horse stable and riding school. These are a really good way to extend play value and the opportunities are almost limitless as all the sets are compatible.

Lisa & Storm

Lisa is always ready to try something new, and is very sporty. Each rider is articulated (the arms, knees and legs can be moved), adding to the play value and scope for imagination. The reins and stirrups are of flexible plastic, making them easy to manoeuvre – and to ensure the correct riding position! The horses and riders are recommended for ages 5 to 12, and are not suitable for under threes. There’s lots more fun to be had by looking at The Horse Club website and by signing up to join. There is also a great website where children can have lots of fun and find out lots more information to enhance their enjoyment. These four horse and rider sets are super and will be very popular with children, who will enjoy the opportunities for imaginative play; I think they can also be used to stimulate creative writing. The high quality of the models means they look great displayed too.

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