REVIEW: Schleich Farm World Horse Stable 42485

Schleich toys never fail to deliver outstanding products and this lovely Horse Stable from the Farm World series is no exception. The Horse Stable is marketed as being ready to play with, straight from the box so that your little ones can begin their imaginative play without needing to build anything first. Inside the box you get the main stable structure, a feed chute which attaches to the stable, a farmer and his wife, two horses, three ducklings, kitten, mouse, comb, ladder, carrots, apples, hay bale, trough, see-saw, bucket, saddle, wheelbarrow, pitchfork, grass pile, two feeders, cleaning box, feed indicator, 4 pieces of fencing and some stickers.

The Horse Stable is in one piece in the box so there is no construction that needs to be done aside from simply attaching the feed chute/slide to the side. Even the smallest pieces are highly detailed and this is an example of the fantastic quality of Schleich toys. The stable building itself is excellent quality and feels strong and sturdy, again with a high level of detail on every part. The Horse Stable is full of fun features; farmer Paul can use the hoist to put things in to the feed loft and if he needs some more hay for the animals then he can use the rollers on the floor of the feed loft to move the heavy bales along the floor to the chute where they will slide down and can be caught in the wheelbarrow.

Farmer Paul can also use the chute as a slide to take a short cut back down! The see-saw is great as it can be used for all sorts of things such as flipping the hay in to the paddock or in to the stables for the horses and farmer Laura can ride the horses around and afterwards she can brush them down and give them a treat of some apples and carrots.

The small animals are such a cute addition to this set, they can get up to all sorts of mischief hiding and playing around the stables and they are beautifully textured and detailed just like the larger animals. The set includes a feed indicator which can be set to show which food the horses can have at different times of the day and a sticker sheet allows children to personalise the set. We love the functionality of this set, the hoist is a great feature and farmer Paul is posable so that he is able to realistically do tasks.

The Schleich Horse Stable is a wonderful starter set to the Farm World series and there is a huge range of additional play sets and figures that can be added to them to grow their collection and extend the play value. The Horse Club sets also go well with the Farm World sets to create an even bigger imaginary play world! The ‘ready to play’ element of this set is well thought through as we have had some Schleich sets in the past which have required building up; plenty of children love doing this but this set is perfect for those who just want to get on and play, and there is so much to play with! Imaginative play is so important for child development and this set can be played with alone or with siblings and friends. The Schleich Horse Stable retails at £79.99 and is aimed at ages 3-8, you can find it here.

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