REVIEW: Schleich Dinosaur Figurines

We are big fans of Schleich animal figurines in this house, and especially the dinosaurs as they are all so different and interesting. Parents in Touch have reviewed three of the new Schleich dinosaurs for 2018; Dinogorgon, Psittacosaurus and a large version of Schleich’s top-selling Tyrannosaurus Rex. Each dinosaur has a small booklet attached to it giving information about the time period it lived in, how long it was, how much it weighed and what type it was (e.g. carnivore).

Dinogorgon (£7.99):

A relatively small and short dinosaur which is thought to have been around two metres long and from South Africa. The Dinogorgon figurine is brown with dark brown stripes across its back, it has large fangs, a strong jaw and a tail.

Psittacosaurus (£7.99):

The name means ‘Parrot Lizard’ and you can see why when you look at this dinosaurs face, it has a beak-like mouth and no teeth. It is believed to have come from regions such as China and Russia. The Psittacosaurus figurine is green and bumpy with light pink feather detailing around the face and tail.

Tyrannosauraus Rex (£15.99):

One of the most popular and well known dinosaurs, this large species could reach 12-13 metres long and was found in Western North America. The Schleich Tyrannosaurus figurine is around 30cm long and almost 15cm high, it is fantastically detailed all over, even the bottom of its feet! The T-Rex also has a movable jaw so he looks extra scary!


The paintwork on all of the models is of the extremely high quality that you would expect from Schleich and each one is painted by hand, the detail that each dinosaur has makes them incredibly realistic. Your child will be able to explore the fascination of the prehistoric era through play while learning something new, and with the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film out on June 6th 2018 they will be able to re-create scenes and create their own scenarios.

The Schleich dinosaur figurines are aimed at ages 5+ and you can see the whole range here from Schleich.

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