REVIEW: Schleich Dinosaur Figures

Schleich Velociraptor

This was one of the smallest dinosaurs at just 70cm high, making a pleasing contrast to the others. Like all Schleich models, this is hand-painted with great attention to detail and plenty of textured effects. This model features moving front legs – this is a great feature as it encourages children to play even more imaginatively; it’s a feature I would love to see on more of the models to enhance play value. The opening jaw is definitely ferocious, with its rows of fearsome teeth and moulded tongue – children will love this feature! The models are sturdy and well made, with a really solid feel, not flimsy at all. Even the smallest parts are durable and strong. The Schleich website is a fantastic resource for finding out more about these dinosaurs, including fun facts, so do encourage your child to do some research and enhance their experience. The exceptional quality means the figures are great to keep on permanent display. How about encouraging your child to do some research into the kind of world where these dinosaurs lived, and to make a model on which to display them?

Schleich Tawa

This dinosaur was a new one for me and I learnt that the Tawa was a carnivorous dinosaur with a slender snout and long neck; great to see children being introduced to some new creatures. The textured detail on the model is excellent, with subtle colour gradations which work well. Paramount to Schleich’s philosophy is accuracy and attention to detail. This is so important and it’s good to know that children will be playing with (and therefore learning about) really accurate models…as far as modern discoveries allow. As with each of these dinosaurs, a little informative leaflet is attached to the model – keep these to build up a little reference collection. The recommended age for these dinosaurs is 3+.

Schleich Oviraptor

Schleich are continually bringing out new models. This is great as there is always something new for children to look out for. This detailed model even includes accurate feathering. Every new animal refreshes the collection and adds to play value – and there are always present ideas to hand! These dinosaur models are really educational too, as children can learn facts such as ‘The Oviraptor lived over about 75 million years ago at the time of the Velociraptor.’ Linking information with the model really helps children to memorise and also to put the creatures into historical context. All the models can be purchased from Schleich at

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