REVIEW: Schleich Dino Set with Cave

As with all Schleich products, it’s the high quality manufacture that immediately strikes me as I unpack the box. The weight of each individual creature is testament to this – they are really sturdy and stand up reliably, which is so important to avoid frustration when children are setting up scenes. This set consists of a dinosaur cave and the ingenious part, that will fascinate children, is that the front part of the cave can be transformed into a catapult when the stone column is moved – cleverly done and a really good addition to the play value of the set. Move the stone slab and it buries everything under it. The set (which is recommended for children of 5+) includes a large Herrerasaurus (with a moveable lower jaw for added realism) and a Microraptor and a Psittacosaurus; we like the fact these are slightly less common and so less likely to be in a child’s current collection. Of course, children may well have other dinos from the extensive Schleich range (and if not, this set will make them want more!), and existing collections will have their play and imaginative value vastly enhanced by this set. There’s also a dino skull, again with moveable jaw. Pictorial instructions are included for assembling the cave – it’s very simple!

All of the Schleich figurines and playsets are designed with superb attention to detail and painted by hand; they are made to last too, and the superb quality means they always stay looking good. They are remarkable for their accuracy and parents can be assured that their children are playing with really accurate models, so learning about these fascinating creatures. The Dinosaurs range from Schleich encourages children to explore the fascination of the prehistoric era and its creatures through educational play. The Dinosaur Cave can be purchased from One of the things we love about Schleich is the way that every new addition enhances the play value of existing toys in a child’s collection, and this dinosaur cave is no exception. They also look great left out on display. Another superbly made toy that will be loved by children – and adding more dinos to their existing collection is a great gift idea!

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