REVIEW: Schleich Animals

Schleich Lion

Just as with all Schleich products, this is a detailed and totally accurate model which ensures children know exactly how the animal looks. The intricate paintwork captures the nuances of the coat and even the tiniest detail is included. After birth, lion babies have a sand-coloured fur coat with dark, circular spots and they are well camouflaged in the savannah. They spend their first four to six weeks in a den and at three months, they are strong enough to follow their mother wherever she goes. The Panthera leo’s home is Africa and Asia, where they live in the hot desert, subtropical forest, subtropical grassland, subtropical shrubland and dry savanna. Buy from the Schleich website. 

Schleich Indian Rhinocerous

This majestic looking beast with its wrinkled skin looks imposing and fearsome, but he is in fact a peaceful creature who grazes on vegetation. He is beautifully made, with superb texturing on his skin which makes him really life-like. The Schleich website is full of information about all the animals, so do make use of this and encourage your children to learn more about the creatures they are playing with. I have given some samples of this in some of these reviews. Finding out information will develop children’s learning skills and interest in the animals. Why not encourage them to find out the creature’s habitat and draw a scene to show the details? Buy from the Schleich website.

Schleich Black Bull

Symbolic of Spain, this imposing bull can be used in a variety of play scenarios. They can weigh well over 1,000 kg and are extremely strong. Before a bull attacks, it displays warning behaviours. It shows itself from the side so that it looks bigger, tosses its head back and forth, scrapes the ground with its front hoof and bellows – fearsome! All the Schleich animals can be used as part of their impressive play sets, or played with as part of individual collections. Once your child has started to build up their collection, you will never be at a loss for a gift to buy! And the great thing is, as soon as you add one or two creatures, the play value of the whole set is enhanced. Children will learn, from the various groups, just who lives with who in real life –  and will make up their own eclectic groupings too!  Buy from Schleich.

Schleich Shetland Pony

This adorable little pony is ideal for using with farm playsets, or for all young horse and pony fans who want to build up a collection of really accurate models – the careful use of distinguishing features means all the models are true to life. The white mane on the dark brown horse is very effective, with lovely realistic detailing; it’s a lovely chunky model which stands well for play fun. Collect the animals together to make themed displays for a child’s room and encourage them to learn about habitats. You only need to pick up these high-quality models to feel what sets them way above others. They are really heavy for their size, and feel so solid. Ours have been enjoyed for many hours of play, and the paint never shows any signs of wear; they are so durable. Schleich are continually adding to their collections, as well as bringing out new play worlds, so there’s always something new to look out for to keep children’s interest high. Find the Shetland Pony Gelding on the Schleich website, and learn more about these creatures, who can be found over the world.

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