REVIEW: Ravensburger Dreamworks Spirit 100 Piece Puzzle

Ravensburger puzzles are carefully graded by age, and this one, with 100 pieces, is recommended for 6+. Based on the popular Netflix series, and bound to be popular with its fans, the puzzle shows Pru, Lucky and Abigail on their high-spirited horses, ready to set off on another adventure, and will be a fun challenge for spirit fans everywhere to enjoy. The picture is brightly coloured with expressive horses and riders against a striking background – they look as though they can’t wait to be off on their adventure! The puzzle has a pretty floral border and this is a real asset when doing the puzzle as it makes it easy to sort out the edge pieces to begin the jigsaw. The durable puzzle, which will remain crisp and fresh through many uses, is made from strong premium grade cardboard, and the precision of the cutting makes the puzzle a joy to create. In fact, the cutting is so precise that, if you listen carefully, you can hear a gentle ‘click’ as the pieces are put into place: Ravensburger call this ‘Soft click Technology’. Glare on jigsaws can be annoying, but Ravensburger’s linen finish minimises this. The progression of the Perfect Age Fit is really good; the overall size remains the same at 49x36cm, but the size of pieces reduces so there are 150 for 7+, 200 for 8+ and 300 for 9+; this means parents can choose puzzles perfectly targeted for their child’s ability. Jigsaws are a great way to encourage children’s concentration and they get such satisfaction when they are completed. This will be a great addition to any child’s puzzle collection.

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