REVIEW: Rainy Day Box – Big Activity Box

The Rainy Day box is a super concept, which allows the box to be completely personalised, or for the donor to select from one of the excellent range of pre-selected boxes, which cater to a wide range of interests. We loved our Grow and Learn Big Activity Box with its really varied choice of activities. There are two craft kits – a cress planter and peg bugs – plus a very tasty (and simple) white chocolate and fudge cookie mix, animal stickers and a beetle game from House of Marbles’ retro range. Each item comes with clear instructions and the quality is good. Put together, these represent excellent value. There are lots more boxes to choose from, as you can see above. Alternatively, you can Build Your Own Big Activity Box for £12.49 – this makes a superb gift. To build your own box, you choose a total of five items from a range, which means you get a game and crafts. The selections, whether in the ready-made box or create your own, are really well chosen, with plenty of variety. They come packed in an attractive cardboard box with a handle, so all the bits can be kept together. A super concept, with something to appeal to every child; the personalisation really sets this apart.

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