REVIEW: Punctuation..? by User Design, Illustration and Typesetting

Punctuation..?explains the function and correct uses of 21 of the most frequently occurring punctuation marks.

Each punctuation mark has its own page and is clearly defined along with examples of how and when they are used. A fun and simple illustration also accompanies each explanation which really helps you to work out how to use them in your own writing and perfectly illustrates what the author is trying to say.

This book is perfect for all ages too, I have been able to refer back to it on several occasions over the past couple of months of home-schooling and it has quickly become my ‘go-to’ guide.

Along with the more common punctuation marks that we are all familiar with, such as commas and questions marks, are the inclusion of ones that are less well known such as the interpunct (·)and guillemets (»«). You can now have the confidence to use these in your writing.

Uncomplicated explanations are what make this book work so well; sometimes the punctuation rules are confusing and children struggle to remember them so the examples included really help them have the confidence to use them correctly. Punctuation..? is a great resource for both students and teachers, or anyone who wants to make their writing great!

The style of this book really appeals to me and the layout means that you are just concentrating on one thing at a time. It is printed on high quality paper and would make a great gift. Punctuation..? retails at £10.00 and is available from all good bookshops or online here.

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