REVIEW: Presto Snow Powder

This amazing product is a super absorbent polymer that expands to 30 times its original volume, absorbing up to 100 times its weight in water and producing a fluffy white snow as if by magic. Just this 100gm pack can make over six litres of light powdery artificial snow. It won’t melt and can last for days if you spritz it daily with water to keep it light and fluffy. It’s so simple to make – just put one scoop (the scoop is included) of Presto Snow® powder with 60ml of warm water to make about one cup full of snow. It’s super for encouraging imaginative play, as children can make all sorts of attractive scenes using other models – a great way to make attractive scenes with snowy bases but it can’t be sculpted. Good fun for chilly winter days when children have had enough of being outdoors.

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