REVIEW: Presley the Pug: A Relaxation Activity Book

Dr Karen Treisman is a specialist clinical psychologist and an expert in child psychology, she has produced a fantastic range of books and therapeutic cards which tackle common social and emotional challenges in children. Presley the Pug tells the story of Presley, a dog who loves to play and run about, but sometimes he gets so excited that his feelings such as stress or anger take over and he can’t cope. Find out how Presley learns how to deal with his feelings with a little help from his friends who offer him tricks and tips that have worked for them. The story teaches your child to create a ‘mind retreat’ which acts as a safe space that they can think about when it all gets too much.

A series of activities and crafts follow the story along with a chapter to help your child explore, understand and learn about their different feelings and once they are more aware of them, it will aid them to better communicate how they are feeling. Part 3 focuses on calmness, relaxation and the tools that are needed to achieve this. There are some fantastic suggestions that will help your child visualise their special place such as reminder cards or having pictures of it made up on to a pillow or blanket.


The ‘Guide for Adults’ at the end talks you through strategies and how to choose whether you just use the story by itself or whether your child would benefit from doing some, or a majority of the activities, depending on their level of emotion by helping you to understand where your child is at so that you can choose exercises that are most relevant to them. Another fantastic book for parents, carers and professionals to help children regulate their emotions and find calm.

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