REVIEW: Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Deluxe Ninja Megazord

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is the twenty-fourth season of the long-running children’s television show Power Rangers. Galvanax is the reigning champion of the most popular game show in the universe and he sends his warrior contestants to Earth to steal the Ninja Power Stars. The Power Rangers must master their arsenal of Ninja Power Stars, Zords and Megazords to stop this evil threat and save Earth from destruction!

The Ninja Steel Megazord is the main Megazord for the Ninja Steel Rangers. It is created when the core 5 Rangers’ Zords merge. This impressive action figure combines all 5 Zords, which are all separate figures, and once they are all clicked together they create the Megazord. The 5 separate Zords are:

Zoom Zord (the Pink Rangers’s Zord)

Kodiak Zord (the White Ranger’s Zord)

Dragon Zord (the Blue Ranger’s Zord)

Nitro Zord (the Yellow Ranger’s Zord)

Robo Red Zord (the Red Ranger’s Zord)

The separate figures can be played with by themselves, or combined to make the Megazord. The Megazord stands at 25cm tall and it is compatible with the 12.5cm Power Rangers figures (sold separately) which can take a ride inside the cockpit and take control! This is a great feature for Power Rangers fans who will enjoy being able to use current figures they may have already. The Megazord can also be built upon with the purchase of additional accessories (not included), such as the Mega Morph Vehicles. The Megazord figure will provide hours of imaginative play as well as thinking skills and fine motor skills when combining all of the figures.

The Ninja Steel Deluxe Megazord is a well constructed toy, it feels sturdy and robust and all of the pieces are easy enough for a child to put together. Its bold use of colour makes it really stand out and we love the fact that you can add parts to it from other Power Rangers products.

The Ninja Steel Deluxe Megazord is aimed at ages 4 and over and retails at £42.99. It is available from all good toy stores.

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