REVIEW: Power Dough Monsters from Canal Toys

Power Dough is an innovative new toy from Canal Toys which pairs play dough with accessories and power parts which make your dough creation move and talk! In the Power Dough Monsters box you get 2 tubs of coloured dough, dough knife, six accessories, instructions and two power parts.

Use the dough to create your monster, there are two ideas on the box that you could copy or you can make your own unique monster. Then it’s time to choose your accessories; the ones included in this box are sunglasses, eyes, two mouths, crown and a bow. Once you have chosen your accessories, you can add the power parts. The bow and crown are best suited to use with the power part that spins, the other power part talks so we used the mouth with funny teeth!

The accessories work with all types of play dough which means that the power parts and accessories from this kit will last well beyond the life of the dough included in it. The power parts come with batteries already installed and they can be changed when they have run out, different sets of Power Dough come with different accessories and power parts too so there are lots to collect which will allow you to make some fascinating creations!

Playing with dough is great for developing fine motor skills, allowing children to expand their imaginative play and advancing their creativity. Power Dough Monsters are aimed at ages 3+ and retails at £9.99 (November 2018).

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