REVIEW: Power Dough Magic Pets from Canal Toys

This is a large set from the innovative Power Dough toys; in the box you get: four different coloured tubs of dough, a dough knife, four power parts, fifteen mix ‘n match accessories and some instructions. From the four power parts you get two moving parts, one that lights up and one that talks. The fifteen mix ‘n match accessories mean that you can create a huge variety of creatures; the accessories include wings that can be connected to the power parts as well as a horn that connects to the light power part so you can create a colourful unicorn!

There is enough dough to make around 2-3 animals at one time and we love how bright the colours are. The power parts are simple to work; the batteries are included and the power part comes to life when it connects with the dough, you just have to connect the accessory of your choice with the power part and then push it in to the dough. The power parts work with all brands of play dough so this set will outlast the life of the dough and the batteries are replaceable which also adds to its longevity. Power Dough comes in a range of different sets, each with various accessories so you can expand your set to create some truly amazing creatures! The Power Dough Magic Pets set retails at £14.99 (November 2018).

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