REVIEW: Power Dough: Funny Pets from Canal Toys

Power Dough Pets lets you bring your creations to life with a range of accessories that can be added to dough animals. In the box you get: three tubs of brightly coloured dough (pink, yellow and orange), a knife, two sets of eyes, two mouths, six accessories, three powered parts and some instructions.

We decided the make the animals that are on the box, there was enough dough to make all three of them at the same time and they were relatively simple to make by looking at the images. Once you have made the dough animal you can choose how you want to personalise it by giving it accessories like eyes and a tail. The three power parts that come in the box are all different; one is a colour changing light, another makes a laughing noise and the third one spins. We made a dog and gave him eyes that light up, a cat which had a very funny laugh and a hamster with a whirling hat! The power parts can be mixed and matched with different accessories so you can make all sorts of crazy animals. The power parts work by simply pressing them in to your creation and making contact with the dough. The power parts are quite big so you need to make sure you leave enough room for them.

The power parts are said to work with all types of dough which brings great longevity to the toy as even once the dough that comes with it has worn out, you can keep everything else and use it with your own dough, it also means that you can expand on the play value as you can add extra own colours from your own collection to make truly unique combinations. The batteries inside the power parts are included and they are replaceable which again means that this set will last for a really long time.

Power Dough Pets is suitable for ages 3 and up and I know plenty of children who are much older that will still happily play with sets of dough. Playing with dough isn’t just fun either; it is great for developing strength and dexterity in your child’s hands as well as sensory benefits as your child explores consistency and texture. Power Dough comes in a range of sets from sea animals to vehicles and unicorns and is available in all good toy shops.

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