REVIEW: Pop to the Shops by Orchard Toys

Hands-on learning is so often the best; we can encourage our children to do workbooks about money (and these certainly have their place) but playing games is much more fun and will really instill the principles in a way they will remember – and they will see it as fun. This fun shopping board game will teach children about handling money and giving change as they travel around the board from shop to shop, using pretend money to buy all manner of different items.

The rules are clearly explained and simple to follow, so there’s no lengthy setting up or explaining to do; the winner is the first to collect all their six allocated items – but beware! You mustn’t overspend. Role play is a key part of this game, as each player takes it in turn to be either shopper or shopkeeper. Players travel around the board, visiting the correct shop to purchase their items. Of course, they will need to greet each other politely, so the game also encourages polite conversation and increases vocabulary.

Great experience and confidence-building for real-life shopping. Familiar shops and objects are used, including a market, bakery, newsagent and greengrocer. The game includes a game board; 48 item cards; 4 shopping bag boards; 4 characters with stands; play money; dice and instruction leaflet. It’s good to know that the instructions are always available for download from the Orchard Toys website too. This is an excellent game, fun to play with lots of educational value; it’s one children will enjoy playing over and over again.  Buy from Orchard Toys.

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