REVIEW: Poo-nicorns from Bandai

Bandai have taken two of the hottest trends and combined them in to one fun plush collection called Poo-nicorns. We received a selection of these neon coloured characters to review and I had my two mini reviewers with me to share their thoughts! Firstly my mini reviewers were both looking forward to the delivery of Poo-nicorns when we found out we had been chosen to review them; how many 5 and 7 year olds do you know that don’t find the word ‘poo’ funny?!

25.5cm Plushiez – £12.99

This is a wonderfully soft and cuddly Poo-nicorn, ours is neon orange with huge eyes, multi-coloured hair surrounding its unicorn horn and big feet emblazoned with the Poo-nicorns logo.

15cm Plushiez – £6.99

This one is simply a smaller version of the one above, ours came in neon green and is more of a cute, hand-held size soft toy which my mini reviewer carried around with her for most of the evening.

9cm Hanging Plushiez – £3.99

Again, a smaller version of the Poo-nicorns above, but with the addition of a carabiner clip; this will no doubt end up on the book bag of one of my mini reviewers at the beginning of next term! They are a good size to add to bags or keyrings so they can be taken out with you without the risk of getting lost.

6.5cm Droplingz – £4.99

These surprise Poo-nicorns are contained within a colourful speckled egg that even has the hint of a horn poking out of it! When you open up the egg you will find a small plush Poo-nicorn that also has a clip on it so it can be taken around with you. You can also keep the egg they ‘hatch’ from to keep it in at home.

Squishiez – £2.99

These super cute Poo-nicorns come in a small plastic ball that they can sit in, they stare up at you with their big eyes and in my opinion are definitely the most collectable of the Poo-nicorns. These little characters also double up as pencil toppers and I like that they have a purpose rather than just being ornamental.

We really like this collection, it appeals to both boys and girls as the unicorn trend is very girl focused and the poo emoji is more of a boy interest; the Poo-nicorns bring these both together which makes for a unisex toy. Each of the plush characters are really soft to touch and appear to be very well made using good quality materials. I was also pleasantly surprised by the prices across the range, the most collectable (Squishiez) retail at £2.99 which is a good price for what you get. The low prices also means that the Poo-nicorns will make great gifts as there is one that will suit all price brackets. Poo-nicorns from Bandai are available in all good toy shops including The Entertainer and are aimed at ages of 4+.

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