REVIEW: Playmais

We all love to encourage children’s creativity but there are times when messy play isn’t possible – and that’s when the innovative Playmais comes to the fore. PlayMais is an all-natural crafting toy, made from organic corn grits and water and coloured with food colouring (Playmais is non-staining). Obviously, young children need supervision but it’s good to know that the product is safe. It is so simple to use – shape it easily with your fingers and it sticks by dampening with a minimal amount of water. As well as sticking to itself, Playmais can be stuck to a wide range of other materials including paper, cardboard, glass, wood and even flower pots; this offers great potential for creating all sorts of decorative objects. Playmais has a high educational value and is a great way to promote manual dexterity, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination. It’s non-messy qualities make it excellent for use in schools.

It’s good to know that PlayMais is a natural product that is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t impact negatively on the environment. Playmais is suitable for children from 3+, and will be fun for many years as children progress from simple shapes to complex 3D creations. We received the Playmais Fun to Learn ABC, a big box full of Playmais (550+ pieces according to the box – I didn’t count them!) in six colours – red, yellow, orange, blue, green and yellow. It would be better if the box wasn’t quite so full, so the Playmais pieces don’t spill out when you use them. Resealable buckets are available and these would be a lot easier to use and for storage. The box also includes 14 printed cards which help children learn the letters of the alphabet, making this an excellent educational resource.


We also received the Lion playset. The pack comes with yellow, white, brown and orange pieces, plus felt to embellish the completed lion; instructions are included. This is one in a wide range of animals on offer. See the whole Playmais range on their website; you will also find plenty of free downloads for even more inspiration. A super product with lots of educational and creative value, completely non-messy for easy play fun.

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