REVIEW: PlayMais: Natural Crafting Toy

Messy Play is great fun and children love it but there are times when it’s just not practical and that’s the time to get the Playmais out! Playmais is an innovative and unusual all-natural crafting toy which is available in a whole range of packs. It is totally safe, being made from organic corn grits and water and coloured with non-staining food colouring. Obviously, young children need supervision (the product is recommended for 3+) but it’s good to know that the product is safe. It is so simple to use – shape it easily with your fingers and it sticks by dampening with a minimal amount of water. It’s non-messy qualities make it excellent for use in schools where obviously the safety element will be appreciated.

Children can start off with the simple 2D creations and as their manipulative and creative skills increase, they can move on to more challenging 3D creations. As well as sticking to itself, Playmais can be stuck to a wide range of other materials including paper, cardboard, glass, wood and even flower pots; this offers great potential for creating all sorts of attractive decorative objects. Playmais has a high educational value and is a great way to promote manual dexterity, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination. It’s good to know that Playmais is a natural product that is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t impact negatively on the environment.

We received the Playmais Classic Colours and Forms, a big box with over 550+ pieces in six colours – red, yellow, orange, blue, green and yellow. Along with this, come 14 colourful pre-printed cards onto which Playmais designs can be printed – this is good for learning about colour matching, and the pictures can be used to tell stories. The box also includes 14 printed cards which help children learn the letters of the alphabet, making this an excellent educational resource. The big boxful is ideal for groups of children – or even family groups as adults will enjoy tactile feel of the pieces. We also received Playmais Mosiac which comes in a wide variety of colours with over 500 smaller Playmais pieces plus design templates, sponge and instructions. This comes in a clip close plastic box which is much more useful for storage. See the whole Playmais range on their website; you will also find plenty of free downloads for even more inspiration. A super product with lots of educational and creative value, completely non-messy for easy play fun.

This box full of creativity contains 1000 colourful Playmais pieces including orange, red, brown, white, pink, green, blue, yellow and more to create all manner of things; a plastic knife and piece of felt are included, along with instructions. The toy promotes creativity, motor skills and child development. The big plastic tub with its securely fastening clip lid is ideal for storing the pieces, and it’s easy to rummage through to find the pieces you want. With this big boxful and its range of colours, there’s no limit to the imaginative creations that can be made, simply by adding a little water. The pieces can be used whole or cut for greater versatility. Our final product was a gorgeous owl mini mosaic – these mini mosaics are a great way to get started with Playmais; there are two pictures in the box and they make a great gift. dkl have been marketing and selling quality children’s products since 1989. This family business distributes fantastic brands to the toy trade – Hama Beads, Plus-Plus Construction, Bloco Construction, PlayMais Craft, Scentco Scented Stationery, Breyer Model Horses, and Escabbo Bath Toys. Each brand and every product has been carefully selected  to ensure the highest play value, quality and product safety. All their toys are assessed to the industry Toy Safety standards and licensed to use the lion mark.

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