REVIEW: Playmags 60 Piece Set

Suitable for all ages, this super set has plenty of pieces for play by one or more children. It offers limitless possibilities to create whatever children’s imaginations want – cubes, houses, towers, planes, cars, fish – the list goes on as these can be whatever you want them to be.

The set includes seven different shapes that can be combined in any number of ways. There are 2 large squares, 22 small squares, 14 windows, 10 small triangles, 4 medium triangles and 8 tall triangles, plus a bonus 6 ABC Clickins which fit inside the squares. We have had smaller sets of a similar toy before, and the children got really frustrated at not having enough pieces to build what they wanted. Playmags are far superior – the magnets are far stronger, meaning the creations stay in place and can be played with once made. I love the colours of these too – they are really vivid and attractive.

They are suitable for 3+, but have the benefit of being big enough to be perfectly safe for younger children – I have seen a one-year-old fascinated by them. As well as being a fun and educational toy for the home environment, schools find these really valuable, as they help learn children about geometric shapes, symmetry, architecture and basic math concepts through creative play.

Creating models with Playmags develops motor skills and imaginative play, and develops design skills in 3D. This is not a toy which dictates to the child – it’s a toy which allows them to give free rein to their creativity, and to learn a host of valuable skills at the same time. A superb toy that will be loved for many years. Find out more on the Playmags site, and see the whole fabulous range.

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