REVIEW: Playbrush Smart Toothbrush

Playbrush is a clever attachment for manual toothbrushes which connects via Bluetooth to a tablet or smartphone and not only motivates children to brush their teeth by making it fun and interactive, but the games will also help them make sure that they are brushing properly. We received a Playbrush Smart to review and in the box you get: 1 x Playbrush Smart, 1 x manual toothbrush, 1 x charging cable, 1 x smartphone holder and some instructions.

How to use:

Charge the Playbrush Smart (this is the part that attaches to the bottom of your toothbrush) and then slot your manual toothbrush in to the top of it, or you can use the toothbrush that comes in the pack. Download the Playbrush app (free to download) for your child and then connect your tablet or smartphone to the Playbrush via Bluetooth, once it is connected it will flash green. The Playbrush will go in to sleep mode if not touched for 1 minute but it can be woken up by touching it. Once you are connected you can choose a game to play while you are brushing, each game needs to be downloaded the first time you play them but this just takes a few seconds. The smartphone holder is a plastic pocket with suckers that sticks to tiles or glass which your phone or tablet sits in to keep it safe and dry! The games are fun with lots of sound effects and encouragement and your child definitely won’t realise how long they are spending brushing their teeth, my mini reviewer is a big fan of the Utoothia game where he has to fend off the baddies! The Playbrush Smart attachment is light so it doesn’t feel too heavy for younger ones to hold and the app is easy to use and navigate if you are letting your child choose the game themselves.

The app has a handy brushing coach which gives your child instructions on how to brush the whole of their mouth correctly as well as games for ages 3+ and games for ages 6+, there are more available but this requires a monthly subscription of £2.08, however, you can earn points for regular brushing that can be converted in to cash which effectively pays for the subscription. The Playbrush Smart subscription can also give parents data which measures the position of the toothbrush, duration and regularity of brushing and you can see the stats on the app to find out how well your child is doing and give help if needed. The Playbrush has really helped my mini reviewer to be more enthusiastic about doing his teeth, I don’t have to remind him anymore which makes this a great product for children who aren’t that keen on brushing their teeth or those who aren’t quite thorough enough. The Playbrush Smart comes in 4 different colours and is currently £24.99, the Playbrush is also available as a fully integrated electric toothbrush for £29.99- find both on the Playbrush website.

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