REVIEW: Planet Board Game from Blue Orange

This strategy board game is all about developing diverse habitats for animals to populate around the world. The game is suitable for 2 to 4 players, age 8+. The objective of Planet is to extend your habitats so that you provide for as diverse a range of animal life as possible. Mountain ranges, deserts, forests, oceans and glaciers – all these are ready to be populated with animals. We found the game easy to understand with straightforward rules that didn’t take long to assimilate. I like the fact that the rules for each language (eight in all) are separate – no frustrating trawling through loads of irrelevant material. The game includes four planet cores, 50 continent tiles, 45 animal cards, five objective cards and a first player token.

To start, each player receives a Planet core without anything on it; in turn, players chose a tile with mountain/ice/forest/desert on it and place it on their Planet; gradually your world begins to take form. The pieces are magnetised and attach to the planet securely – it’s a nice touch which gives the game a different feel. The five-sided pieces are attractively designed and colourful – a pleasure to play with. Once the third round has been played, it’s time to start welcoming the animals onto your planet The age range is just right – children enjoy the theme; we really liked the concept, so much in tune with current ecological concerns and a brilliant way to help us all, and especially younger ones, think about the environment. An attractive and well-designed game which is fun to play – each game takes around 30 minutes. It’s a game that makes you think about the natural world and develops strategic thinking skills’; the variations add to the play value too.

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