REVIEW: PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game

The aim of the game is to eliminate Romeo’s Robot Army by using strategies to fight off the robots and power down Romeo’s lab! Inside the box you get: 1 game board, 33 playing cards, Romeo’s lab, Romeo’s lab base, 15 robots with stands, 4 playing pieces and some instructions. Romeo’s lab base has a numbered wheel on the side; when you start the game, the number must be set at 7 and during the game there are opportunities to move the number down, if you can get to 0 then you win the game. Each playing piece has it’s own starting point at the beginning of the game and the pack of cards need to be placed face down in a pile. Each player or team then takes it in turn to pick a card, and each card will give different instructions such as moving Romeo, adding a robot, moving one of your characters or taking power away from Romeo’s base. You always have to do the top action on the card and then you can chose which of the two remaining bottom actions you wish to do. There are 3 super power cards in the deck which give you a better chance of defeating Romeo’s Robot Army if you draw them. As the game goes on you will be adding robots when instructed, eliminating robots as you move, moving your pieces to stop the robots and working out which is the best way to defeat the enemy. If Romeo manages to get himself or one of his robots to the PJ Masks HQ then you lose the game!


This is a great game to play with children as it is competitive in the sense that you need to defeat Romeo’s Robot Army, but even if you are playing in teams, you are all working towards the same goal so it encourages team work and discussion. The game helps children learn to think in a different way as they may not have used strategies before and they have to work out which out of the choice of actions is the priority and will help them win. It does need a bit of explaining before you start to play, if you are playing with younger ones it is best to explain as you play as they won’t remember what all the different instructions are by the time you start the game. We played this a few times before our mini reviewers got the hang of it but once they did they really enjoyed it. The game says for ages of 4+, I’d probably say 5 and over is slightly more accurate as it can be complicated to understand why one action may be better than another action choice. Our mini reviewers are 7 and almost 6, the 7 year old played on his own team while I played with the younger one so I could explain as we went along. We liked this game as it’s not actually easy, even with an adult playing! This means that children will want to play it over and over again as there is no guarantee that they will win and they won’t grow tired of it.

The game board, robots and Romeo’s Lab are all made of sturdy cardboard and PJ Masks character pieces (Catboy, Owlette and Gekko) and Romeo are all very good quality figurines that you could put on display when you are not playing the game. PJ Masks Team of Heroes game retails at £19.99 (at time of writing) and you can read more about it here.

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