REVIEW: Pintor Classic & Fun Marker Pens by Pilot

Parents in Touch were kindly sent two packs of Pintor Marker Pens to review; we have the Classic pack which have six 2.9mm fine point nibs and the Fun pack which has six chunkier 4.5mm nibs. In the Classic pack you get black, white, blue, green, yellow and red and in the Fun pack you will find black, purple, blue, green, pink and orange.

The Pintor pens are water-based paint markers which are suitable for all surfaces and depending on what surface you use them on they will either be permanent or washable. When they are used on surfaces such as wood, cardboard or fabric they will be permanent but if they are used on glass, plastic or chalk boards then they can be wiped off using a damp cloth and washing up liquid.

We decided to test them out by painting stones (see our hiding stones blog post here). The children really enjoy doing this and we would normally use marker pens as they are not as messy as using paints. The Pintor pens are first used by shaking them up and down for a few seconds and then pressing down on the nib a few times to get the colour flowing. We have two sets of very vibrant colours so we hoped to make some very colourful designs. They are very easy to use and they really do look like paint, the coverage is excellent so you get really bold lines. On a couple of stones we completely coloured in the surface of the stone and then added different layers of colour; the paint dries quickly so you are able to add the next part of your design and the colours don’t run.

Having the white pen in the Classic pack is great as a background colour and for adding fine details and the thinner nibs allow you to draw well on even very small surfaces. The thicker pens allow you to colour in greater areas with ease, although we did find that the thicker pens were slightly runnier so they needed more time to dry and you had to be a little more careful with them.

I imagine that these would be fun for lots of different applications like jazzing up shoes and bags and they are great if you want to paint but without the mess or the hassle! They are available in a range of sets including metallic and pastel shades, you can take a look at their full pen range here. We will definitely be investing in more of these!

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