REVIEW: Peppa Pig – Pick Up & Play Playground Playset

The Peppa Pig Playground set is one of two designed as foldaway playsets in the shape of Peppa’s face. The attractive appearance will instantly appeal to children. The set opens up to reveal a colourful playground with a trampoline and basketball goalpost., plus a Peppa Pig figure (on a base so she stands well). The backgrounds are bright and colourful, showing Peppa’s friends playing (who can your child name?) and lots of typical playground features.

The hopscotch is a great way for children to learn numbers – and hopefully, to be encouraged to try this fun game for themselves. There are sounds to listen too as well –  just press the buttons to hear ducks quacking, bicycle bells ringing, muddy puddles being splashed in and more. This gives opportunity and stimulus for developing imaginative play, as children play out a variety of scenarios using the sounds and playground setting. This is a really practical toy, ideal for taking out and about. Everything stores inside to keep items safe – and there’s room to add some other Peppa accessories too (perhaps a George figure would be a good addition). Perfect to while away boring car journeys, to pass the time when waiting for appointments and to take when visiting friends and relatives. Ideal on-the-go fun for all Peppa fans of 18 months up, practical and well-designed. Buy from Smyths Toys and also available from Argos and Character Online. Price as of March 2018 is £14.99.

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