REVIEW: Penclic Ambidextrous Bluetooth Mouse

This new Penclic mouse is ideal for both left and right-handed users. The new symmetrical design brings the Penclic experience to a universal audience and mirrors the functionality and design of its award winning predecessor, the Bluetooth Mouse B2. It’s a really attractive piece of kit, comfortable to hold and very stylish – bound to attract comment! This new generation mouse has the scroll wheel located in the middle of the pen’s shaft, making it easy to use whichever hand you prefer. The scroll wheel also doubles as the middle click button, which not only eases the transition period when adjusting to this uniquely-designed, laser-focused alternative but also makes the mouse easier to operate for left handers, who will really appreciate this innovative product.

The bluetooth means no pesky wires getting in the way, although it does plug in for recharging. What really struck us, when trying it out, is its value for drawing and graphic purposes, giving the traditional feel and control of a pen. It’s highly responsive and excellent to work with; perfect for those who spend a lot of time at the computer, helping to avoid problems such as RSI, as it lets you adopt a comfortable working position. Coverage of the whole screen is easy with little movement needed – as with any innovative product, it takes a little getting used to but it’s well worth the effort. A great product and the slick packaging makes for a great gift.

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