REVIEW: Pass the Word from Orchard Toys

This well-paced spelling game is ideal for children aged 5 to 9 and it’s a fun way to reinforce those spelling skills as well as word recognition – children will hardly realise they are learning! There are 17 word cards and 67 letter cards. Place these face down on the table and then players take it in turns to build words by turning over a word card and finding the letter cards to spell out the word. The action is kept going as players race against the sand timer to spell out their words… when the time runs out, the letters have to be passed on to the next player. The winner is the player who has managed to complete the most words when the pile is used up.

There are many different ways in which the game can be used to enhance literacy skills, and for younger players it can be played without the timer – or give them two goes! It can either be played as a game for two to four players, or simply see how many words you can make with your child. It’s good to help with letter recognition – we tried using nonsense words, just like the phonics screening and that was fun! Buy from Orchard Toys.

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