REVIEW: Paint Sticks from Little Brian

We were sent a fabulous selection of Paint Sticks and were amazed by the wonderful variety available. We all love to encourage children to enjoy painting, but it’s not always possible to get all the painting equipment out, and to supervise children. These lovely Paints Sticks mean that children can enjoy painting and artistic creations at any time. First up is this set of 24 Paint Sticks, which includes 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours – enough to keep any young artist happy! They are really easy to use, just twist up and down like a glue stick, and they dry in less than a minute so no smudging. The paints go on smoothly and the colours are good and strong, giving good coverage. If a slightly lighter coverage is required, the paints can be used with water for washes and to blend colours; otherwise, no water is needed. The finish is excellent and the paints don’t crack – sometimes, in their enthusiasm, children can use rather too much traditional paint, which then peels off when dry, so that’s another potential problem avoided. And Little Brian have a secret, which you may or may not want to share with your child – as well as working on paper, card, canvas and wood, the paints also work on windows! The paints come in lidded plastic trays which are convenient and reusable. Of course, accidents can still happen, but stains can often be removed by soaking overnight or by using stain remover – painting overalls are always recommended though! The same paints can also be purchased as separate packs of 12 – Classic Paint Sticks and Metallic Paint Sticks. This variety is excellent and gives children plenty of scope to be creative. The Mini Paint Sticks are a great addition to the range, and ideal for younger children as the size is just right for them; these also come in packs of 12 and include black, white and all the colours you’d expect between. Children can experiment with a range of techniques – including blending, stamping, colour washing, scraping and dotting.

The versatile Fabric Paint Sticks are bound to be a big success! They are simplicity itself to use, and they work on any fabric – try t-shirts, cloth bags and pencil cases so children can really enjoy the personal touch. Protect the other side of the fabric and keep it flat by slipping a piece of cardboard between the two sides, then get painting. The colours are strong and the sticks allow for a good level of precision. Once the masterpiece is finished, just fix with a hairdryer or an iron; as long as machine washable fabric is used, the finished piece can be safely machine washed at up to 40o. This is a lovely way for children to be able to show off their creative skills and develop a sense of fashion.

Our final pack was 20 Chalk SticksAs we all know, chalk can be very messy, but these are dust-free and don’t transfer to the fingers when in use. They can be used on all sorts of surfaces – chalkboard, whiteboard, glass, windows, paper, card and wood – but don’t come off porous surfaces. The colours are strong and vibrant, the colour range is excellent, and the fine points encourage precision work. This is a fabulous range of products, well-made, highly functional and perfect to encourage creativity. Now there’s no reason to postpone that painting session! These can be available for children to use whenever they feel a creative urge. We highly recommend them for all families.

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