REVIEW: Orchard Toys – Superhero Lotto Game

This is an excellent game for developing those all-important memory skills – all the family can benefit! Four fun child superheroes with special powers are the stars of this game – perfect to appeal to young children (recommended age 3 – 7). Players need to employ their memory skills to match power tiles – the winner is the first to complete his or her board. Players must talk about the interesting items as the game plays out; this is perfect to develop vocabulary and conversational skills. The double-sided lotto boards include fun superhero fact files on the reverse, as well as blank tiles for a more challenging level of play; this is great as it means children will enjoy the game for several years.

A lovely, colourful and fun-filled variation of the classic game, manufactured to all Orchard Toys’ high standards. There are plenty of educational benefits, including the development of  observational skills, matching and memory skills, and personal and social skills. There are some activities to enjoy on the Orchard Toys website.

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