REVIEW: Oonies Station Starter Pack

Oonies are the inflatable mini balloons that join together to create a whole world of miniature characters. The Oonies Inflator Starter Pack comes with everything needed to create a variety of fun balloon designs. The inflation chamber easily inflates mini balloons that stick together to create a whole host of characters. Simply add the Deco Bits to make animals including birds and kittens!

We were sent the Oonies Starter Pack to review, inside the box you get an instruction sheet, along with:

1 x Oonies Inflator

36 x Oonies Pellets

6 x Oonie Connectors

18 x Oonie Deco Bits

6 x Display Connectors

12 x Oonie Eyes

The balloons that are inflated start off as small pellets with flat bases. One of these is then inserted in to the Oonies chamber, which is then attached to the Oonies inflator. The chamber is locked down in place and a fine needle pushes through the base of the pellet and inflates it in to a balloon while you pump the handle on the right. The gauge at the top of the chamber shows 3 balloon sizes – small, medium and large. Once your balloon reaches the desired size, the chamber can be unlocked and removed from the inflator. Open the chamber and carefully remove your Oonie.

The pack comes with various Deco Bits to allow you to create different characters. Oonies can be stuck together using the supplied connectors and the Deco Bits simply stick to the Oonies. Display connectors are also included and these allow you to display your creations, they will even stick to windows. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I often worry a little about kits like this and wonder if what we create will have any resemblance to what it is supposed to be, or if it looks like anything on the box. I was pleasantly surprised that we did manage to create a couple of characters from the booklet and one of our own. From a distance they look like glass ornaments when displayed, especially the elephant.

Oonies are designed for ages 5 and over, they are great for developing fine motor skills and coordination. Oonies retail at £19.99 and can be found at You can also buy refill packs with different themes, allowing you to make lots of different characters.

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