REVIEW: Ocean Explorers from Tactic Games

Is it a story or is it a game? It’s both, with a colourful story book neatly brought together for an imaginative adventure. Roll the big wooden dice and turn over one of the puzzle pieces; the objective is to try and find the right pieces for your puzzle while keeping an eye on your opponents’ progress too. It’s very straightforward, even for the youngest players (recommended age 4+). The game is quite short, at around 10 – 15 minutes, we found it ideal for young ones. The story book, which links closely to the game, brings an added element and facilitates talk about the marine environment. Playing this game encourages matching skills and memory, as well as taking turns. Before the first game, children personalise the dice by adding the enclosed stickers – I’d be inclined to varnish over these to ensure the pictures stay on. An unusual and fun game.

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