REVIEW: Nibbling Teething Necklace

We have been testing out the Wetherby Teething Necklace in Lavender and Marble from Nibbling. This was an ideal time to review this teething necklace as our youngest reviewer is currently the proud owner of three (very nearly four) teeth.

These necklaces are a brilliant idea for mums who want to wear jewellery and accessorise an outfit but don’t want their baby to grab at it and break it. The necklaces are made from food-grade silicone beads so they are completely safe for a baby to chew on. This particular design has three large beads in the middle and six round beads on each side. They are held together on a 66cm purple cord which has a safe, break-away clasp. This clasp allows the baby to gently tug on the necklace but it will come apart with any more pressure than this.

The different shapes of the beads on the necklace give it a tactile feel for your little one and they can happily chew away at them as the silicone is soft to touch as well as being soft against their sore gums. The necklace is stylish and will hold your baby’s attention. There is a huge range of styles, designs and colours to choose from on the Nibbling website.

The necklace is also dishwasher and steriliser safe so you can be sure that it is as clean as it can be for your baby to chew on. This particular necklace retails for £22 and can be purchased directly from Nibbling here. While you are there take a look at the other teething items which include bracelets, dummy clips, rattles and teethers.

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