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New Skills Academy offer over 200 online courses allowing you to gain qualifications and improve your career prospects. I was offered the chance take a course of my choice and write a review for it once I had completed it. There is a fantastic variety of courses to choose from and it did take me a while to decide what I wanted to do. As I have had previous experience doing basic bookkeeping I decided to take the ‘Basic Accounting Certificate’ to boost my knowledge in this area.

Once you have chosen your course and paid for it, you will have your own login area which shows the courses that you are currently doing. You can see how many modules are in each course, and each module will tell you the estimated time to complete it at the top. There is also an option to take notes as you read through. At the end of some of my modules there was an assignment which asked a few questions. This was available in downloadable PDF or Word format. The correct answer to the questions is given at the bottom of the worksheets, so make sure you aren’t tempted to look first! After you have read through each module there is a short test, this is timed (usually around 10 minutes). I had a selection of multiple choice questions based on the module that I had just completed. If I did not get over 80% correct it then asks you to read through it once before before taking the test again. The questions may not be the same the second time round so you do have to make sure you have a good understanding of what has been written. On completion of the course you can either download your certificate or you can have it posted to you (for a small fee).

I found the course to be very useful, an awful lot of information is covered but it was easy to read and understand. The modules are broken up in to several different boxes down the page, this layout makes it user friendly and you don’t feel like you are just reading and reading without taking anything in. You also don’t feel overwhelmed by the information in front of you when it is presented in this way. Online learning is increasingly popular, and I’m glad. It allows you to gain qualifications in your own time, if you are working or you have children then you can still carry on as normal and fit your learning around this.

Your profile area is very easy and clear to navigate, I had no problem finding where I had left off before. You will also gain ‘learning rewards’ as you go through your course, you can unlock achievements for doing things such as logging in 2 or more days in a row, completing a certain number of modules and for completing courses. Rewards include discount codes for more courses.

The courses are easy to find, they are all broken up in to categories, or you can browse through all of them, each course is clearly described and gives you an estimated overall time for completing it. There are long and short courses to be taken and many starting at just £99, this is a great price to pay in order to enhance your CV by having these additional qualifications. There is help and support if you need it along with help articles and a blog.

I would say that everyone would find a few courses on here that would interest them, and with prices suited to most budgets it is well worth a look. See what New Skills Academy have to offer you. I have been very happy with them and now trying to choose my next course!

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  • Thanks for the info. I was looking to see if this was legit or not. I find it essential to always keep on learning, but sometimes it is difficult to combine classes with a busy lifestyle and also financially going to a classes can be too much.

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