REVIEW: Neon the Ninja by Dr Karen Treisman

The subtitle of this book is A Therapeutic Story with Creative Activities for Children Aged 5-10: … Nightmares; it is certainly a book that will be welcomed by any parent or carer who has to deal with the problem of childhood nightmares. Neon the Nightmare-fighting Ninja has a very special job – he is there to care for anyone who finds the night time scary, by using his special ninja powers to protect from night-time fears. The book is a practical and easy-to-use combination of a story which shows children how Neon Ninja can fight their nightmares, plus therapeutic activities to help children settle at night. Based on creative and CBT techniques, it is full of tried and tested creative exercises, practical advice, and tips and techniques to help alleviate sleeping difficulties. The illustrations are bright, friendly and effective. Giving the child all of the tools they need to tackle this issue, this is a must-have for those working with children aged 5-10 who experience nightmares or other sleep-related problems (parents should read the guide for adults before using the book with their child). It’s friendly and reassuring and shows children they are not alone – there’s plenty of help to be had and the activities build confidence and conquer fears. Extensive and comprehensive, there’s plenty of food for thought.

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