REVIEW: NCC Home Learning Online Course

I am currently in the middle of reviewing a home learning online course from NCC. NCC have over 350 online or paper courses to choose from, with a huge variety of qualifications and subjects. An online course is a perfect choice for those who are unable to attend a more traditional formal setting as they can be completed in your own time around commitments such as work or childcare and the courses are widely recognised by employers.

The NCC website lists the courses available by industry and career, or you can search by the level of qualification. Each course is described in detail, lists the modules you will cover, what prior knowledge is required, how it is assessed, what the awarding body is, estimated duration of the course (in hours) and what support is available. For many courses there is the option of paper or online study and the possibility of paying monthly or upfront. This flexibility is invaluable for those who perhaps need a certain qualification in order to attain the job they want, but without it are unable to pay for the whole course upfront.

The course I am taking is Child Psychology Diploma, a subject that I am very interested in as a parent as well as through spending time working in schools. It is not necessarily a course that I need for career progression, but it is certainly one that I hope will be a desirable qualification for current and future employment.

Once you have chosen your course, you will get a username and password for logging in to your dashboard, this will show you the courses you have signed up for. Click on your course and at the beginning is a handy introduction guide which walks you through everything from logging in to your course, where you will find all the information you need for your course and how to take the end of course exam. The course I am taking consists of 18 modules and is expected to take around 200 hours to complete. Course tutors are available to contact for support and guidance and are experts in their subject.

Right now I am working through module 3 and I have been very happy with the progress so far as it is easy to understand what I should do. Everyone learns in a different way, so it is up to you how you process the information contained within the module so that you understand it and retain it for the end exam. Personally, I like to read the text through once, then read it again whilst making hand-written notes about parts I think are particularly relevant, or those I would like to re-visit later on. Others may find it easier to print the modules and read through them off-screen, perhaps highlighting points of interest.

Each module is well laid out, making it easy to read without being too text-heavy. At the start of each module are bullet points telling you what you will be able to do by the end of the module, this makes it straightforward to work out if you have fully interpreted the contents of the document. Once you have finished the module, read back through the bullet points and make sure you can give an explanation to each point. If you can’t then you need to spend more time on it.

So far I have enjoyed taking this course, the NCC site is easy to navigate and everything is explained well. I am looking forward to continuing the course and I will be writing a full course review once I have completed it. Take a look at the NCC website for the full choice of courses to see if any take your interest!

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