REVIEW: National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

I am a huge fan of National Geographic Kids books, so I was thrilled to be asked to review some of their kits – and I am glad to say that the same high quality is found. Everything you need to make an exciting volcano is here – no searching around for elusive bits and pieces but you need to create a volcano, paint it and make it erupt. The set includes pumice, an obsidian arrowhead, and a geode specimen so children can discover all about each unique volcanic specimen; there are also clear instructions. The learning guide provides many interesting facts and is designed to promote a love of geology and science.

Hands-on science is the way for children to learn – theory is all very well but it’s the actual experience children remember. The kit includes National Geographic’s learning guide so children can write an A+ report, which again will help learning- as well as impress the teacher! STEM subjects are much to the fore at present, so this kit will really support that aspect of learning. This is a classic STEM project that teaches children about chemistry, geology, and earth science and it’s a really good and inexpensive homeschool resource. The kit is backed by National Geographic’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is a really professional kit that will meet with the approval of serious scientists. Great fun to do as a family, extremely educational and it’s great value too. Highly recommended. See all the products from National Geographic Science here.

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