REVIEW: National Geographic Red Crystal Growing Lab

Another wonderful kit that shares many of the attributes and positive comments of the Volcano Science Kit. There are four colours available and we received the red crystals; amethyst, glow in the dark and blue are also available. It’s a perfect family activity and children will enjoy the thrill of feeling like real scientists with this classic science kit, as they enjoy the fun and learning value of watching their crystal grow. The best and most memorable way for children to explore the wonders of science is through a hands-on project, and it’s good experience for them to follow the instructions.

National Geographic’s excellent learning guide will teach the fascinating science behind this experiment – it’s a real asset to the kit. The pack includes a real Aragonite crystal for your child’s rock collection and they can compare the Aragonite to the red crystals they grow with this kit. The kit is a great buy for home educators, as it supports the KS2 science curriculum. Excellent value too, as everything you need is included – always welcomed by parents! The kit is recommended for girls and boys of 8+, and the pack gives safety advice regarding adult supervision, as the kit contains chemicals. Providing children with the best educational toys, this kit comes with National Geographic’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. All these kits are a superb support for STEM learning, which is high profile at present and a really important area of study. See a range of National Geographic Kids products here.

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