REVIEW: My Little Learner


My Little Learner provide colourful and exciting learning products aimed at pre-school and Reception aged children. We were kindly sent a personalised learning mat with a name and shapes on one side and lines for tracing on the back with a colourful jungle themed border. Along with this we received a triangular pen and a set of colours and shapes flashcards.

Learning Mat – £4.50

The Learning Mat is A4 sized and your personalised mat comes with your chosen name and a set of shapes for your child to trace around on one side. The mats simply wipe clean when using a whiteboard pen and available from My Little Learner are triangular shaped whiteboard pens which help to encourage children to use the correct finger grip. Before your child learns to read, they can learn to recognise what their own name looks like, so being able to personalise your mat is so helpful and your little one will love the fact that their name is on it! Underneath the name is a square, triangle and circle to trace, not only will your child be able to draw these shapes but they will pick up the names of the shapes as you tell them what they are as they trace them. On the reverse, our mat had tracing lines which are a really fantastic way to help children develop their fine motor skills along with their pen control when they are first learning how to write. My three year old loves doing her ‘special mat’ and she likes being able to rub it all out by herself and doing it all over again! The mat is durable and of excellent quality, we have used this quite a bit now and it barely looks like it has been used, it has also been fascinating to see the improved refinement of her writing over that time.

Shape & Colour Flashcards – £6.75

These come in a lovely little box and inside you get ten double-sided A6 350gsm cards. On the front of each card there is a shape in the colour of the card, the colour is written at the top and the name of the shape is written at the bottom. On the reverse your child can trace round the shape and the name of the shape and just like the Learning Mat, these cards are wipeable so they can be used over and over again. There are so many opportunities for learning here – colour and shape recognition, fine motor skills, learning to write, increasing vocabulary and letter formation are all included in this pack so they are great value for money! My mini reviewer has found it really difficult to learn her colours over the past year so this pack has been great for her as it covers all of the colours she has got to grips with as well as ones she isn’t so familiar with such as grey and brown. The cards have also exposed her to some of the more tricky shapes such as pentagon and hexagon and she frequently points out the different shapes the she finds as she is playing with her toys at home. A really fantastic set of flashcards which are so versatile and cover the EYFS and KS1 curriculum.

We’ve found these sets from My Little Learner to be so useful and my mini reviewer loves learning with them as they are fun to do, this is something that is so important to get right as learning should be fun! This isn’t all, My Little Learner have a wide range of Learning Mats, Flashcards, Learning Bags, Matching Mats and more which you can find on their website here. You will also find lots of helpful information on why handwriting is important as well as hints and tips for guiding your child while they are learning to write.


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