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The first thing I noticed when I opened the box up was the incredible amount of materials and equipment that is included in this box! We received the Space Exploration Discovery box to review and it has four craft activities inside for your child to do. The materials for each activity are separated in to their own bags and there is a booklet in each bag with instructions. There is also a handy guide on the front which tells you how much grown up help is needed (low, medium or high) as well as a messiness meter. Three of the activities require medium help and one needs a high amount of help; two of the activities are of medium messiness, and two are low messiness. Inside are detailed, step by step, illustrated instructions and on the back of the booklet it tells you what materials you will find in the bags and what items you will need from home, but this is only either scissors or a pencil.

First Activity: Solar System Chart

Everything you need is there and it is explained clearly, but I also noticed that all the little details are also done for you (holes in the material ready for the stick to go through to hang it and the lines for the planet orbit are pre-marked for you to go over in chalk). The end result is a fantastic looking solar system chart which is perfect for hanging in your child’s room.

Second Activity: Star Projector

My mini reviewer really loved this, it was so simple to make, and again all the little things have been thought about – there is even a wooden peg included which you can use to hold the tube while you paint it so you don’t get any paint on your hands!

Third Activity: Blow Rocket

This activity was also an experiment to find out whether your rocket went further with 2 wings or 4 wings. We discovered that our rocket went further when it had 4 wings!

Fourth Activity: Astronaut Space Pack

This activity had my mini reviewer crafting away for ages. The bag of bits for decorating this was amazing so once it was finished it looked amazing.

The box contains a sheet full of space facts which are presented in a fun way which helps to capture your child’s attention. They will also enjoy the ‘funny fact’ which in this case we learnt that astronauts have to wear a seatbelt on the toilet when they are in space so that they don’t float away! My Gecko Box is ‘full of STEAM focused crafts from measurements and fine motor skills to imaginary play. Each craft is designed to inspire children to discover more and we believe children learn more when they’re having fun’. The Space Exploration sheet has an extra fun task in which you can use a pack of Oreo biscuits to find out about the moon phases by following the diagrams.

The materials that come with the box are good quality and there is a fabulous amount of them included, the instructions are well written and easy to follow and this box has provided hours of fun, but there has also been a great deal of learning done too! Everything in the box is well presented and my mini reviewers thoroughly enjoyed all the crafts included.

My Gecko Box is aimed at children between the ages of 3 to 10. There are 3 sizes of box to choose from (Little Explorer – £5.95 per fortnight, Explorer – £10.95 per month or Discovery – £19.95 per month) and there is a sibling offer available too. We have reviewed the Discovery Box in which you get between 4-5 crafts to get stuck in to, Head over to My Gecko Box to subscribe. Parents in Touch have been offered a discount for our readers, enter code PIT50 to receive 50% off the three month summer series for July, August and September – Use it here.

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